How We Do It

px Energy Solutions is committed to lowering the carbon footprint of any organisation and is your trusted partner on the journey to Net Zero

Analysis & identification

Every business uses energy in different ways. Whether you’re a hospital, food manufacturer, logistics centre, or power plant, you’ll need and use energy for different reasons.

As a first step, we work with you to really understand your business and the role energy plays in it. This goes beyond the energy you’re using to turn the lights on or to keep computers running that can be tracked using smart meters – you’ll be using energy to power equipment, machinery, or as a feedstock into your processes.

We’ll analyse where your energy is used, where you’re getting that energy from, and how much you’re paying for it to ensure that sustainability and cost-efficiency work to give you the right balance for your business.

From there, we’ll identify and recommend ways that allow you to use energy in a better, more efficient way, all while saving time, money, and emissions.

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Financial Solutions

We’re committed to helping you use your energy as a tool to improve your business performance but we recognise that you may not have the capital easily available to invest in new projects and assets that make your energy use more efficient,

If you wish to own the solution that we recommend, px Energy Solutions can support you to identify, source and obtain the optimal funding package. Alternatively, we can arrange a fully funded solution if you wish to deploy your capital directly onto your core business.

Design & Build

Once we have worked with you to understand your business we will design the best solution for you.  Our specialist designers will get to work designing a solution that considers every aspect of the energy usage chain, from water to heating & ventilation applications, and from who supplies your energy to whom you might be able to sell your excess energy to.

We’ll talk you through those designs so that you’re fully aware of what you’re getting and how they’ll help. We’ll visit your asset, arrange site surveys and ensure that the proposed energy solution fully integrates into your business operations.

We then move to the build stage, where we construct, commission and integrate the new assets and infrastructure that will help improve your business performance.

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Operate & Maintain

Your new energy solution will need to be operated and maintained by experts to ensure it’s working at peak performance and delivering for your business at all times.

px Energy Solutions’ team has 30 years’ experience of operating and maintaining some of the UK’s largest and most complex energy assets, ensuring these assets remain at peak performance whilst being as energy-efficient and cost-effective as possible.

We understand that reliability of any energy solutions in your business is critical to your business success. Reliability of power, heating and cooling is critical to your operations, not just a nice to have!

We work in partnership with our clients to deliver energy in a safe, efficient and environmentally conscious manner. Our team of experts operate with integrity and responsibility across multiple industries, providing clients with appropriate, quantifiable and results-focused solutions.

px Energy Solutions is committed to world-class standards of safety and environmental control. Outstanding safety performance is as a result of commitment and the positive attitudes and contributions of our people, backed up with effective, efficient safety systems.

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Optimise & Trade

Whether you’re an energy producer, an energy supplier, or just an energy user, our trading team can advise on energy procurement strategies to lower operational costs and maximise flexibility across all your energy assets.

Crucially, this can be implemented in a business of any size; you don’t have to be a power plant or energy site.

Our team trades over 5,400,000 MWh per year and operates on a 24/7 basis, proactively working across three core service offerings that your business benefits from:

Commercial Operation

By commercially operating your infrastructure and monitoring market prices, we lower operational costs and maximise flexibility in the delivery of industry obligations across all energy infrastructures and activities. Our 24/7 commercial operations teams will make sure that your energy solutions work hard for you, to optimise your profits whilst ensuring your energy needs are always met and maintaining energy security.

Trading Services

Our 24/7 trading team can assist by providing a route to market (including spot and forward trading) for your fuels, feedstocks and power requirements, delivering optimised solutions to meet individual needs.

Supply & Offtake

The team at px Energy Solutions operates a licensed electricity supply and gas shipper business, meaning we can manage all of your energy supplies and add value using our trading expertise.

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