Improving Performance at Beckton CHiP

Since transition into px Group’s stewardship in 2016, which has included management of the commissioning process, with the help of px Energy Solutions the Beckton Combined Heat and Intelligent Power plant has achieved consistent improvement in performance metrics – ultimately achieving 100% engine availability in four separate months during 2021.

£300k in extra profit 1,688MWh additional output through improving engine availability 67% to 93% increase power recovery from turbo expanders

Building on innovative heat recovery processes utilising turbo expanders, px  identified and implemented processes to optimise plant operations and increase plant run time and efficiency.

This included centralising plant dispatch processes to the control room, to enable operators to be much more responsive to plant fluctuations. As well as this, we reimagined labour-intensive reporting processes. In doing so, reducing one spreadsheet-based process from 8 workbooks and 29 tabs to an automated solution consisting of 2 output tabs. This has realised genuine resource saving and introduced a more robust process, less prone to human input error.

px utilised in-depth knowledge of OFGEM processes to ensure Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC) and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) amounts are fully realised to guarantee a maximum revenue for the owners.


  • £300,000 in additional revenue, achieved using no additional fuel
  • 1,688MWh additional output
  • Improved engine availability to 100%
  • Power recovery from turbo expanders increased from 67% to 93%