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px Energy Solutions is committed to lowering the carbon footprint of any organisation and is your trusted partner on the journey to Net Zero

Energy Optimisation

px Energy Solutions optimises energy assets by partnering with its customers to reduce emissions, cut costs safely and efficiently, and save time.

We bring together px Group’s design, engineering, operations, maintenance, digital and trading teams in one full service that can improve efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

We work with you to understand how your business uses energy. We take that understanding and develop turnkey solutions that optimise your energy assets – making them contribute to the success of your operations and drive better business results.

We optimise your assets using three core approaches:

Software Implementation
Our digital team may suggest implementing technology to help you understand where you are using your energy and what it is costing to enable you to make decisions.

Physical Changes
Our operations team may recommend that you install new energy infrastructure, perhaps powered by renewable fuel, that is more efficient and cleaner than your current arrangements.

Commercial Improvements
Our trading team may suggest a different approach altogether, which could see your business making use of public grants and/or levies, or even a new energy provider, meaning you’re making your ‘energy spend’ work for you.

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Decarbonisation has been at the heart of everything we do for the last 30 years. We’ve been ensuring sites and businesses all across the country are using energy in the most efficient way possible.

Whether it’s installing new assets to make you more energy efficient, implementing top-of-the-range technology to let you know when you can reduce energy consumption, modifying operating regimes or partnering with our energy trading team to reduce the costs of energy, we’ll ensure you’re making every kilowatt work for you without risking or reducing your business’ performance.

px has worked on some of the UK’s most advanced energy projects, meaning we’re best placed to help you decarbonise your business.

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Energy as a Service

Achieving energy optimisation in your business can require extensive time and capital deployment.  The px Energy Solutions’ team takes on responsibility for the end-to-end management of your energy systems – from design to implementation and installation to operation, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Through our assessment of your existing energy processes and a detailed understanding of your business objectives, we’ll develop the best possible energy solution for you that allows you to optimise your energy assets and decarbonise your operations.

Build & Install

Crucially, when it comes to the building and installation stage of the process, we can assist with organising and providing the required capital for the energy solution we’ve advised.

With finance in place, we organise and look after the building of the solution project. This solution could range from the big to the small, from installing new energy management systems and metering to installing solar panels or Combined Heat & Power solutions.

Operation & Maintenance

Once installed, we take on responsibility for the asset, ensuring it is maintained and operated properly and efficiently. Our teams work around-the-clock, meaning we can detect and solve any problems in an instant, and optimise your energy use to ensure energy security and financial savings.


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Improving Performance at Beckton CHiP

Since transition into px Group’s stewardship in 2016, which has included management of the commissioning process, with the help of px Energy Solutions the Beckton Combined Heat and Intelligent Power plant has achieved consistent improvement in performance metrics – ultimately achieving 100% engine availability in four separate months during 2021.

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Digital Transformation

The way most of us get information about our energy usage is outdated. Many businesses are still relying on the accuracy and the interfaces of traditional, antiquated meters and dials for data and insight into how they’re using energy.

Our process brings energy into the 21st century. We can transform your operations with smart technology that provides easy-to-understand information about your business at the tip of a finger.

Using simple dashboards, we give you the control and real-time operational and market data you need to make smart decisions and drive better business decisions.

We do this at our own businesses and sites: through implementing cutting-edge technology at Saltend Chemicals Park we have achieved fantastic results that have saved us time and money:

  • 93% reduction in hours required to perform administrative tasks
  • 98% reduction in backlog of inspection tasks

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